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Shibley Properties provides a variety of commercial and residential real estate services.  Shibley Properties specializes in the careful restoration, management and leasing of commercial properties, while also providing real estate consulting and acquisition services. If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by Shibley Properties, please use our contact page.

Building Restoration

With over 35 years of experience in restoring and renovating buildings across Northeast Ohio, Shibley Properties specializes in the transformation of historic buildings into first class retail, office and residential spaces.  In 2013, Shibley Properties completed restoration of the West Block Building in Burton Ohio (built circa 1881).  As a result of the restoration, the Burton Historical Preservation Society awarded Lawrence Shibley, cofounder of Shibley Properties, the Burton Preservation Award.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Shibley Properties works with property owners to develop plans to maximize the value and cash flow of their properties.  Specifically, Shibley Properties offers consulting services for building restoration, renovations, repairs, and management, while also offering property owners a comprehensive financial plan to meet their financial goals.

Property Acquisition

If you are interested in selling a commercial property, Shibley Properties will develop a plan for maximizing the value of the property prior to the sale.

Corporate Partnerships